We built CareerWise to enable students to discover new opportunities and make more informed career decisions, by providing a single place where Careers Advisers can share relevant information with their school community. We know from personal experience that making decisions about our future careers after high school is challenging, especially for school leavers who are already busy with many other commitments.

As high schools students, we wished there was a tool like CareerWise to enable us to more easily keep up with events such as open days, careers expos, and application deadlines, and find out more about the different career and study options on offer.

If CareerWise sounds like something that your school could benefit from, please make an enquiry today.

About Us

Daniel Coats

Originally from Christchurch, Daniel is currently studying Computer Science and Statistics at the University of Auckland. With more than five years experience developing websites for small and medium businesses, Daniel enjoys the challenge of developing simple, elegant solutions to real-world problems.

Elise Batt

Born and bred in Christchurch, Elise has been living the big city life in Auckland since the beginning of 2015. In her final year of study in Finance and Analytics at AUT, Elise has been involved in a number startups and enjoys the challenge of forging a business from the beginning.